2 Years with Chartable.

What to say about it?

I’m so lucky that I get to work with the Chartable team every day. They are incredible humans, and have great intuition for people and products.

Having a job and team as awesome as Chartable made the recovery from 2020 much, much easier. Can’t overstate this. They also helped make some wonderful memories in New York City, just another thing I’ve deeply grateful for.

I’m so proud of everything the team has built and improved so far. It’s been amazing getting to work with all the Chartabuds, and all the podcast publishers. I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone and what you’re working on, what problems you’re up against.

I hope the system we came up with for managing support needs works for y’all. Please feel free to bump an email thread if you need a status update!

We haven’t been able to build everything we’ve been asked for, but if you have a good idea for Chartable and we haven’t talked about it recently, let’s chat!

I get a little better everyday just by showing up for this work, and I don’t take that or the people who made it possible for granted.

Couple other random thoughts:

Sometimes you just have to start writing a response and that helps you figure out what to do or try next.

I hope someday I can make presentations as fun and convincing and effective as Dave Zohrob.

I know it’s been 9 months since we joined Spotify, but the time has flown by. I think I’ve got a good grasp on the basics now, and I’m excited about all the different projects the teams are working on. Lots in the works.

I read the podcasting news and posts every day, thank you to everyone who takes the time to write and share your experiences with this exciting and loved thing we call podcasting.

Here’s hoping for another 2 years (at least)!

All the thanks and love, Aaron Dowd October 12, 2022 Fort Worth, TX