2016 So Far (A Quick Update)


Hey friend. It’s been awhile since I wrote to you.

That’s my fault. It’s been a crazy year and I started publishing blog posts on Medium. It’s not that I don’t like this site, but it’s a lot easier over there. I’ll still publish my articles there but I promise I’ll get back to posting here too.

The quickest recap for the year so far is an article I published on my birthday called 30: a Year in 10 Pictures. That was pretty cool.

Some other cool things:

  1. I’m writing on Medium now. Follow me.
  2. Did a great podcast episode with Brett Terpstra about podcasting and focus.
  3. Did a great podcast episode with Sean McCabe about planning out your day.
  4. Almost done with my Successful Podcasting and Logic Pro X courses.
  5. Also made a Podcasting With Garageband mini-course. Coming soon.
  6. Upgraded my camera gear. Got a Canon 70D, a 50mm 1.4 lens, and a AT 875R shotgun mic that doesn’t suck. I’m making more videos about podcasting over on Youtube. Go subscribe.
  7. Sold my Shure SM7B and got a Shure Beta 87a mic. I like the 87a better, although the SM7B is still a great mic.
  8. I watched a great film about Minimalism and donated a bunch of clothes and sold a bunch of stuff I wasn’t using.
  9. Ironman training is back on track. I took a break to shoot my podcasting course but I missed it so much (I feel fantastic when I exercise everyday) that I couldn’t stop doing it.
  10. The book Deep Work by Cal Newport changed my life. Go read it or get the audiobook.