A Song for 2021

Timecop by Iron Chic

As relevant today as it was in 2011.

Remember when time was all we had?

No care for the sand in the hourglass

Each new night was another shot

To stake our claim on a parking lot

Remember when friends we’re all we’d need?

Day followed the night and we’d let it lead

In the basement

On the pavement

We couldn’t conceive of an end to it

But it’s not like that anymore

Re-group, re-calculate

Rushing in was our first mistake

Re-think, re-calibrate

Set our sights on something bigger

(Maybe move on to better things)

Remember the pain of growing up?

It may have hurt but it sure was fun

It made us who we are now

It gave us a mystery to figure out

This is what we waited for

These days not much has changed

Except how we feel and whats at stake

But we are still the same

Should we chose to linger

Or move on to better things

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