Best Podcasting Setup for Around $500


John asked:

I am interested in starting a podcast but not sure about a setup. I have a macbook pro which I would like to use because of its portability, but I would rather record into to some sort of portable recorder, then download file into the lap top. I will need two microphones as there will almost always be 2 people in the podcast. My budget is around $500 but I can be flexible. Can you help?


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My name is Aaron Dowd. I’ve been a professional podcast editor since 2012, I’ve helped dozens if not hundreds of people start a podcast (or improve their existing podcast), I’ve edited shows that have tens of thousands of listeners, including podcasts from the seanwes network, 5by5, Dribbble, and many others.

I’ve produced over 70 episodes of my own podcast about podcasting, The Podcast Dude, and I’ve been a guest or host on dozens/hundreds of other episodes. In short, I love podcasting and I want to help you make a better podcast.

Podcasting Gear I Recommend:

Note: you can find a lot of this gear used and save some money. I did.



XLR Cables:


Mic Stand:

Recording/editing Software

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