Decide Who You’re Creating Your Podcast For (Your Ideal Listener)

Audience growth isn’t something that magically happens once you start publishing episodes. If you want to grow your audience and get more listeners and fans for your show, there’s three important questions to answer:

  1. Who is the ideal listener for my show?

  2. What needs do they have that I’m trying to address and fulfill with my show?

  3. Where is my ideal listener spending their time and attention, and what’s my plan for getting their attention?

Know as much about your ideal listener as possible without violating their privacy.

If you want to grow an audience, you need to know who you’re making a podcast for. Picture in your mind a single person who would be interested in listening to your podcast every week.

Create a profile of this person in your mind or on paper:

  • What are they interested in?
  • How old are they?
  • What kind of work do they do?
  • What other kinds of podcasts do they listen to?
  • What problem do they have that your show will solve?

Things you should know about your ideal listener:

  • Age
  • Education level
  • Career level
  • Relationship status
  • Family info
  • Where they live
  • Hobbies
  • Purchasing habits
  • What other podcasts do they listen to?
  • How many other people like them are there?

Why it matters: Knowing your ideal listener gives you a target. It will help guide your decisions as you’re planning out your content, and also when you’re describing your show to potential listeners or sponsors.

Meet the needs of your ideal listener.

Once you’ve figured out who your ideal listener is, start thinking about what their needs are. What podcasts do they listen to and why? What are their needs? How can you make something that addresses those needs?

These can be difficult questions to answer, but if you know a few people who match the profile of your ideal listeners, you should ask them what podcasts they listen to, and why. I think you’ll find their answers interesting and thought-provoking.

Once you know who your ideal listener is, go where they are.

Where is your ideal listener spending time online and in real life?

Don’t wait for them to discover you. Go where they are, and get their attention.

Graphics and videos are one of the best ways to do this online. Create graphics that include your face or the face of your guest, along with interesting quotes or takeaways from your episodes.

Audiograms are also great for getting someone’s attention online. Short video teasers for the episode work well too.

Defining your ideal listener will help you create content that speaks to their needs and desires. This will also make it easier for your audience to share your show with other people they know who will find it interesting.

Invest Time Getting to Know Your Audience

Once you have a clear picture of your ideal listener, spend some time every week engaging with the real people who listen to your show.

Ask them questions, read blog posts and forum posts related to the subject of your show, follow them on whichever social media platforms they’re using.

Find out what they’re talking about, what they’re struggling with, what they like and what they don’t like. Then use what you learn to create content that speaks directly to their desires and struggles.

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