Fun and Healthy Alternatives to Twitter


Update: I took a week off from using any social media and feel much more stable emotionally (quitting coffee has helped immensely too). I decided to leave my account active for now, although I’m not using it at the moment except to monitor tweets related to work. But damn, these apps are addicting and stressful.

Twitter was fun for awhile but it’s turned into an outrage machine and people yelling at each other. As much as I like interacting with people there, overall it feels like a net negative instead of a net positive for me.

So here is a list of fun and healthy alternatives to Twitter. This list is mostly for me, but I hope it makes you think about all the things you could be doing instead of reading stuff on Twitter.

Fun and Healthy Alternatives to Twitter:

  1. Talking with friends on the phone
  2. Writing blog posts
  3. Making or listening to podcast episodes
  4. Taking College / Online classes (since quitting Twitter, I started an Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python online course)
  5. Skateboarding
  6. Community Service
  7. Texting friends
  8. Participating in private Slack channels or online forums
  9. Lifting weights
  10. Reading books (here’s my list of favorites)
  11. Sending emails (mine is, feel free to say hi anytime)
  12. Running (I got my mile down to 10 minutes again, going for 8)

Worth reading: I Used to Fear Being a Nobody. Then I Left Social Media.

My wanting to share every waking thought became eclipsed by a desire for an increasingly rare commodity — a private life.

Also: Tracy Clayton, Another Round/Strong Black Legends - XOXO Festival (2019)

Log Off, Fam.

January 10, 2020