How Not To Invite Yourself to Be On Someone Else’s Podcast

So I got an cold email this morning from a stranger asking me if I’d like to interview them on my podcast.

Here’s the message (with identifying info redacted):

Re: (Aaron Dowd Podcast)

Greetings- my name is [redacted], founder of [redacted], a (relatively) new video search engine that searches 70+ platforms outside YouTube. Additionally, it is privacy focused (does not collect or sell user data).

Why is this important? We feel Internet users deserve uncensored, unbiased video search from as many sources as possible. In the current climate of banning, perceived censorship, de-monetization and de-platforming, users simply deserve more options to find videos they want.

I have been a developer for 30+ years, and would welcome discussing (as a guest on your podcast) issues such as tech, bias, censorship, and online privacy. [redacted]’s current press can be found here [redacted] including previous podcast appearances.

Our most recent press release : [redacted]

Thank you for your time and consideration, [redacted]

Nope. I’m not opposed to receiving requests like this, but this person didn’t even do the bare minimum amount of work to show they know who I am or what my podcast is about.

Here’s my response:

Hey [redacted],

My show is not about video search or tech or bias or censorship or online privacy, so I’m not interested in interviewing you.

It’s clear to me that you did not spend any time looking at my podcast to learn more about me, which is irritating and basically makes this message spam. I’d like to recommend you listen to this episode I produced about how to reach out to people to invite them to be on your podcast. It should help you improve your email template for outreach. https://thepodcastdude.com/episodes/how-do-i-get-guests-to-come-on-my-show

When sending cold emails asking for an interview, you must do two things:

  1. Show that you’re familiar with the person’s work
  2. Give them a good reason to interview you

Fail at one or both of these things, and you’ll just annoy people.

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