How Podcasts Changed My Life


It’s International Podcast day, so I decided to write a short post about how podcasts changed my life.

I discovered podcasts in 2009. At the time, my life wasn’t going so great. I was in my early twenties, working full-time at an automotive parts factory (making $12/hour). I hated that job.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life other than play drums which wasn’t making me much money. Or any money, really.

College hadn’t worked out so well for me; I did a year at 19, studying music theory and basics, but dropped out to go back to work so I could support myself.

I’ve never been very good at school. I have a hard time staying focused on things that don’t interest me. I also wasn’t interested in getting a degree so that I could spend the rest of my life working a job I didn’t like.

I discovered blogs and podcasts around that time, and everything changed. Suddenly a world of opportunites opened up. I got to hear from creative people, people who dropped out of college, started a business, and were making it on their own terms.

I was exposed to ideas that I never would have heard in my small town in Texas.

Here’s a short list of the podcasts and podcasters who unknowingly changed the course of my life.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few people, but that’s life.

My life wouldn’t be as great as it is today without these folks.

Slow clap.