I’m Joining the Simplecast Team


I’m excited to announce that I’m joining the Simplecast team as Podcast Success Lead!

But let’s back up a little. Why Simplecast?

I’ve loved Simplecast since the service launched in October 2013.

They had an eye for design and features that made the confusing work of publishing a podcast and sharing it with the world super easy and even delightful. They took one of the most challenging parts of podcasting and made it simple and fast.

I immediately began telling anyone who wanted to start a podcast about how great Simplecast was. They make it really easy to publish episodes and add show notes and get it into iTunes / Apple Podcasts and see detailed analytics. Try it, you’ll love it.”

While Simplecast was getting off the ground and working on new features and tools for podcasters, I was in the middle of a deep dive into learning how to make great podcasts and how to help other people make them. I quit my day job in May 2014 to pursue podcast production and teaching/consulting as a full time career.

I discovered that I loved helping people create podcasts. I worked as a freelancer for the rest of 2014, helping clients start podcasts, editing multiple podcasts every week and writing tutorials about the whole process of podcasting.

In June 2015 I joined the seanwes team to help Sean McCabe produce podcasts and online courses and other great content related to thriving as entreprenuer or business owner. We made a lot of cool stuff together, including an audiobook and over 500 podcast episodes. That was a good time.

Between 2015 and 2016 I produced 75 episodes of my own podcast about podcasting called The Podcast Dude. I wanted to share everything I’d learned about making podcasts to help more people start podcasts or make their podcasts even better. I met a ton of amazing podcasters and content creators, answered hundreds of questions, and improved a ton as a podcaster. It wasn’t always easy but it was always rewarding. Somehow the show is still in various What’s Hot sections in iTunes.

I also started writing an online course called Successful Podcasting. We launched it in November 2017, just before Black Friday. There’s a small group of students going through it right now.

While I spent 2014-2017 studying podcasting and working full-time as a podcast producer, editor, and educator, Simplecast was hard at work building the podcasting platform of the future. A new owner, a growing team, a new codebase, kickass new features, big plans for the future.

Which brings us to today. This is the start of a new chapter in my story.

I’m joining Simplecast as Podcast Success Lead.

As long-time fan of Simplecast, I reached out to them after showing a new podcaster the service. I just wanted to say I was a fan to their support team member and let them know I was down to collaborate with them if they ever had a need.

I wasn’t expecting anything to come from that, so I was incredibly excited when they responded and expressed interest in having me join the team.

Simplecast is on a mission to make it easy to publish and distribute audio content online, which aligns perfectly with my goal of helping people become great podcasters.

In addition to working with the team to create great experiences for all Simplecast customers, I’ll continue learning everything I can about podcasting and the podcasting industry, sharing what I learn as I go. I’ll continue to find ways to help people find their voice and share it with the world via audio.

I’m really excited about this next chapter in my journey in helping people acheive success as podcasters.

I’d like to thank a few people here before I go: