It’s 2017 Already?


Oh. Hi there. So I’m sitting in a new apartment in Fort Worth, listening to Dawes’ new album playing on the bluetooth speaker, and I realized I haven’t written anything for my blog in forever.

Terribly sorry about that. It’s just life, you know? Things have been happening. But you knew that. Things are always happening.

Here are the things that have been happening to me. I might as well start by telling you about last year (2016).

2016 Year in Review

2016 straight-up kicked ass. Let’s review the highlights.

1. I lost 20lbs and got in really good shape again.

I really made an effort in 2016 to get back in shape. I started training for an Ironman Triathlon, and while I put training on hold towards the end of the year to focus on some important work/personal projects, I still made big progress on my personal health.

2. I wrote and shot 75 video lesson for my online podcasting master class, Successful Podcasting.

I’ve been talking about making a podcasting course for years, and 2016 was the year I finally sat down and made it happen. I spent most of my free time in the spring writing (I ended up with 30,000 words), and shot the video lesson in two weeks in July. Big thanks to Cory McCabe for taking care of the video stuff.

That was fun, but it was an intense two weeks. I mean, shit. I was tired until October.

3. I recorded 40 screencasts for a online course about editing podcasts in Logic Pro X.

I wanted to record a master class on using Logic Pro X for editing podcasts to include in Successful Podcasting. It was challenging but I got all the screencasts recorded by the end of December. As I’m writing this, I’m 3 screencasts away from being done with editing. Boom.

4. Recorded a mini-course about using Garageband for Podcasting.

I get a lot of questions about using Garageband for podcasting, so I wrote and recorded a short screencast course about it (in a week).

I finished it back in July, but haven’t done anything with it since. I think we’re going to give access to seanwes members, but no official word yet.

5. I helped put on a conference.

The company I’m proud to be a part of (seanwes) put on our very first conference this year in Austin, Texas. It was amazing. I met so many amazing people, and I’m really excited to do it again next year.

6. I almost moved to San Antonio, but ended up moving the Fort Worth (close to downtown) instead.

I’ve lived 15-30 minutes west of Fort Worth for ten years now. It’s alright, but I was ready for a change. Just didn’t have a lot of friends who share my goals and dreams.

I’ve been contemplating moving to San Antonio for about a year now (those of you who have been following my story for awhile know that’s where Sean McCabe, one of my closest friends, lives).

The plan was to move after my lease was up in March. December rolls around, and I’m working hard on finishing my Logic Pro X course (so I could publish it and my Successful Podcasting course).

I text with my landlord to double check when my lease is up.

Febuary, he says.

Like the end of Febuary? I ask.

No, he says. The beginning of Febuary.

Well. That got my ass into gear. I started packing, donating, selling stuff on Craigslist.

Back up. I made a new friend at the seanwes conference in October (Matt Lucas, a super rad dude who runs an awesome company called Trust Printshop here in Fort Worth). We drove down to the conference in Austin together and really hit it off.

He had a spare room in his super sweet apartment right in the middle of one of the hippest neighborhoods in Fort Worth, and he was looking for a roommate. It’s a shame you’re moving to San Antonio, he said.


With the deadline to move out of my current house approaching fast, and me being overloaded with work and other projects (I forgot to mention that my band was almost finished writing a full-length album), I decided that I would seize the opportunity and move in with Matt. I’d get a nicer place for less money, and I wouldn’t have to stress about finding a new place and gettting setup in a new town (signing a lease, setting up utilites, finding furniture, etc).

So for now (the next 6 months at least), I’m staying in Fort Worth. But I’m happy here. I love the area (West 7th Street), Matt is cool as shit, and life is good. I’m so close to launching my courses, and my band is about to book studio time to record a kickass album.

Life is good.