Loving the HomePod


Apple released their HomePod speaker Friday, February 9th, 2018. I recorded my first impressions over the course of that evening and released a YouTube video early in the AM.

I loved it, pretty much from the second I heard the music. Siri needs work, sure. I hope it’ll get better. If it doesn’t, I will still love listening to music on it.

I have to buy one of these for Mom.

I was driving to brunch the next morning when I realized that I had to get my Mom a HomePod.

She loves music more than anyone I know and is a big part of why I love music so much. She’s played guitar and piano and sang since she was a teenager. She’s in her 60’s now and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

She gave me piano lessons when I was 4 or 5 and made my siblings and I sing songs for the old folks in retirement homes throughout pretty much my entire childhood. She tolerated and even encouraged my noisy drumming and weird bands during my teenage years until I moved out.

She really loves music, but she’s not good with tech. She cried when my dad got dial up internet in 1999 (I’m still laughing about this) because she thought it would make all kinds of terrible things happen and bring ruin to the household. She doesn’t trust or enjoy using computers (although she’s pretty happy with her iPad Air).

Anyways, I was driving in the car and I realized that the HomePod would be the perfect gift for her. She loves her iPhone 6+, but has never had a music subscription (I should have set that up when it first came out, but it’s done now anyways).

I wish you could have seen the look on her face when she realized that not only could she send text messages and talk to people on the phone (she loves doing both), but that she could also ask Siri to play almost any song that she wanted to hear and do all of this with her voice and play all that music on her iPhone as well. It was magical.

I was going to make a podcast dude episode about it, but talking about it chokes me up because Valentine’s day was my parent’s anniversary and my Dad passed away 3 years ago. Knowing that I could give her this amazing device that can play all her favorite music and with such incredible sound quality just before a really hard time in the year for her makes me happier than I’ve ever been before. I still can’t talk about it without crying.

I got this in a text from my brother last week:

But yea she can listen to all her music, send a message without looking at the phone, like she’s really proud of that thing… I personally didn’t realize all the stuff it could do until Mom showed me.

So yeah. Thanks to Apple for helping me give my Mom the greatest gift ever.

Music forever.