My Favorite Blogs, Newsletters, and Podcasts


Looking for good stuff to read/listen to? Here’s what I like (this is not a complete list, and I will add and subtract to it over time).


$10/month (well worth it), but there’s a free podcast too

Stratechery provides analysis of the strategy and business side of technology and media, and the impact of technology on society. Weekly Articlesare free, while three Daily Updates a week are for subscribers only.

Recommended by The New York Times as one of the most interesting sources of analysis on any subject”, Stratechery has subscribers from over 85 different countries, including executives in both technology and industries impacted by technology, venture capitalists and investors, and thousands of other people interested in understanding how and why the Internet is changing everything.

Study Hacks Blog (Cal Newport)

About Cal Newport: I’m a computer science professor who writes about the intersection of digital technology and culture. I’m particularly interested in our struggles to deploy these tools in ways that support instead of subvert the things we care about. If you’re new to my writing, a good place to start is with my latest book, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World, or my about page. You can also access over a decade’s worth of posts in the blog archive.

Recode Decode

Kara Swisher, Silicon Valley’s most revered journalist, hosts candid interviews with tech execs, politicians, celebrities and more about their big ideas and how they’re changing our world.

A16Z Podcast

The a16z Podcast discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future — especially as software eats the world’. It features industry experts, business leaders, and other interesting thinkers and voices from around the world.

Mac Power Users

Learn about getting the most from your Apple technology with focused topics and workflow guests. Creating Mac Power Users, one geek at a time since 2009.