On Podcast Cover Artwork

Every podcast needs cover artwork. Podcast cover art must be a square image in the JPG or PNG file format that is at least 1400 by 1400 pixels, although 3000 by 3000 pixels is now recommended.

Your podcast cover art is a key part to the success of your podcast. People will judge your podcast by its cover.

You only have a fraction of a second to capture someone’s attention with your artwork and title. If your cover art is great, you’ll stand out. If it’s not, you’ll blend in and get ignored.

Before you design your podcast cover, you need to know what your podcast is about, who it’s for, and why you’re doing it. This will help you or your designer create artwork that will speak to your ideal audience and attract them to your show.

Your cover art should not be visually complicated, and it should look good even at small thumbnail sizes since many people are going to be looking at your podcast cover art on their phone screens.

You should also design widescreen and portrait versions of your artwork as well.

If you don’t feel confident in your graphic design skills, hire a professional graphic designer to create it for you.

Do this: Open the Apple Podcasts app and check out the cover art for podcasts that are similar to yours. Check out the shows in the New & Noteworthy section too. Make notes about what stands out to you.

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