On the Terribleness of Chores Before Podcasts Existed


Do you remember how much chores sucked before there were podcasts to listen to?

There are so many things we all have to do everyday that don’t require our brains. Unloading the dish washer. Driving to and from work. For some of us, the work itself.

Podcasts make all of it better, especially now that we have tiny wireless headphones that fit into our ears.

Even if you have to do something mundane or uninteresting, a podcast can connect you to a different world, expand your knowledge, and provide inspiration and motivation.

I’m so thankful for podcasts.


I’m having a bit of writer’s block at the moment, so this post is me breaking up the ice, getting back into the habit of writing and publishing something. I have been journaling every night for 20 minutes, that’s been very helpful as well. This year has been a tornado so far, and I’m trying to find my inner peace and focus. It’s been hard but I’m moving in the right direction.