Quitting Social Media Again

I have a hard time focusing for longer than a few minutes at a time. I haven’t been writing blog posts, I haven’t been writing podcast episodes, I haven’t been working on my books, I barely read books anymore. While I can’t tie it back to social media specifically, I know in my gut that Twitter and Instagram are the reason.

I deleted my Twitter and Instagram accounts back at the beginning of 2021, but created new accounts a few months later. For some reason I thought it’d be a different experience or that I could somehow do social media better”, whatever that means.

Am I really doing anything when posting besides asking for attention? Does that attention actually bring me any joy or satisfaction? Does it get me closer to my goals or the life I want?

Is social media anything more than a bunch of people seeking attention or people who want to complain about real or percieved injustices?

The whole thing feels gross to me now. I’m tired of the social media game. It’s noisy. Chaotic. I don’t want it anymore.

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