Restarting the Blog and What’s Next

The Motorcycle

I got a little burned out on social media, so I’m restarting this blog. It’ll be the place where you can look at pictures I’ve taken and get a peek at what I’m working on and thinking about. Like a personal journal that you can read, if you feel the need.

Personal Updates

Now that we’ve got that out the way, how’ve you been? Highs and lows, right? Me too.

I bought a house in Fort Worth in late 2021. I love it. I’m a mile and a half from Magnolia street, which has coffee shops and bars and resteraunts and all the best parts of living in a city. It’s an older house, but in great shape with nice appliances and new HVAC.

After the trainwreck of 2020 (moving to LA, the pandemic lockdown and stress, moving back to Texas, the recovery), I finally found my footing again. I found a great team and an interesting challenge at Chartable. I finally bought the motorcycle I wanted. I started focusing on my physical and mental health again. I finally recogonized how burned out I was, and started resting more.

It wasn’t easy and I still struggle a lot of days. I try not to ruminate on the past too much, but I also want to learn from my mistakes which requires a certain amount of self-examination and reflection.

I’m working on that 1% better everyday thing, and it’s been working. I’m successful by most measures. If I could lower my expectations for myself a little bit, I could even be pretty happy.

I want to bring my focus and attention back to an important question I’ve been interested in for a long time: How do you live a good life? How about we go on the journey together?