Summer 2021 Update

Hey all, it’s been a minute since I published a blog post, so I thought I’d check it.

Made it through 2020. That was a rough year. The past few years have been rough mentally. External factors and poor coping choices and all that.

Funny thing, taking a job to get back to the office and then having your first day also be the first day of everyone going remote because of covid-19.

So I’m staying in Texas for now, learning how to work from home and maintain sanity. The past 18 months have been suprisingly good for personal growth.

I’m gonna put roots down in Fort Worth. My sister’s got a house in the bikable part of Fort Worth that she’s going to sell me.

I’ll be a little bit further from my Granbury and Weatherford friends, but still only a 45 minute drive from the recording studio I built in the living room of my family’s house.

I’ve been playing drums more. New songs coming out, shows on the calendar. Feeling very thankful for them. Live music is the best medicine.

Some good trips coming up this summer. If you want to see pictures (mostly personal and band/music stuff), my instagram is now @aarondidwhatnow. If you want to keep up with my podcasting and Chartable news, I’m back on Twitter, also @aarondidwhatnow.

I’ll make some more podcast or YouTube videos soon. Just enjoying a break, and the discussions and learning at Chartable.

Hope you’re well. More soon,

Aaron Dowd

Granbury, Texas

June 28, 2021

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