Twitter Broke My Brain, Again


I’m addicted to Twitter, and it’s been holding me back.

I’ve written about Twitter and social media before. It took my favorite author (Cal Newport) launching a podcast and talking about the dangers of social media to help me understand just how damaging my addiction is.

It’s made focus and writing nearly impossible. I’ve wasted countless hours over the past two years reading people’s rants and poorly formed opinions and the insults they hurl at people who disagree.

I’ve tried to justify it by telling myself that I’m staying up to date” or being in the flow”, or participating in the community”, but the benefits are just not worth the time or attention I’ve been investing.

So here I am, once again recommiting to staying off social media as much as possible, so I can return to doing the things I love:

Consider this a strong recommendation for Cal’s new podcast, Deep Questions with Cal Newport. He’s changed my life yet again.

Also: The podcast is currently featured in Apple Podcasts. If he doesn’t need Twitter or social media to be successful, then I don’t either.