Writing Blog Posts Instead of Tweets


I’ve been terrible about publishing my writing lately, here on this personal blog and on my podcast. But I should just share some thoughts and let that be that. I’d rather be writing and publishing a jumbled mess than nothing at all. So here we go. 3 blog posts a week is the system I think will get me back into it and improve my writing.

This blog post is about writing blog posts instead of tweets. The idea came to me as I was dropping my backpack full of groceries in the kitchen after a long bike ride.

I should write more blog posts, and tweet less.

That thought came right after as I started thinking about how the beer I had earlier (IPA) made me feel. It made me feel lethargic, un-motivated, a tinge of bummer.

I’m glad I started writing down how things make me feel. One of the best things for my sanity has been the simple act of writing down how things make me feel. Duh, right?

I love beer, but I do not love that feeling. But now I’ve noticed and made a mental note that beer makes me feel bored and low-energy (probably especially after work).

Obvious shit, right? But I couldn’t really tell that story in a tweet. So here we are.

One thing I do know is that writing makes me feel pretty good. Even if it’s just me telling stories to myself. I do want to share them with you, though.

Here’s the takeaway: Notice and write down how things make you feel. Maybe consider quitting that thing that makes you feel bad.

The other thing keeping me from publishing more: I still worry about what you think about this

I don’t know when this started getting bad, but lately I feel more self-consious about my writing. Which is silly, because if you’re reading this, that means you can at least tolerate my writing, and you might even like it. But I want to impress you.

I should forget about it. I’m trying. This is me just writing my thoughts. To myself. And you.

This blog post is a minor victory if publishing more is the goal. And my promise to you is that I’ll try to improve as a writer while also writing the truest thing I can think of. Right now, that thing is this thing you just read.

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September 26, 2019