Hi there. My name is Aaron Dowd. I was born in San Jose, California, but I’ve lived in Fort Worth, Texas for about half my life.

Aaron Dowd

What Do You Do For Work?

Professionally, I’m a podcast engineer (which is a made up title, but I think it fits me). I’ve been working in the podcasting industry since 2013, full-time since 2014.

I currently work for my favorite podcast technology company, Simplecast. My official job title is Podcaster Success Lead, and most of my work is related to helping people launch and grow podcasts.

I started a podcast called The Podcast Dude in 2015, and have published over 80 episodes since (the show is about podcasting, if you didn’t figure that out already).

Can I Hire You To Help Me With My Podcast?

Yes, I’m available for consulting (nights and weekends) if you need help with your podcast. I can answer questions about any part of the process, review your content and sound quality, make suggestions about things you can do to improve, and anything else like that.

My current rate is $150/hour.

You can reach me at aaron@thepodcastdude.com.

I try my best to respond to respond to most inquires within a reasonable amount of time, but no guarantees.

What Do You Do For Fun?

Drumming is one of my favorite things to do for fun. I did it professionally for a few years but have been on a break for awhile while I do all this podcast stuff. I hope to get back to practicing and playing live shows again soon. You can hear my playing here.

I also really enjoy running, mountain biking, going to concerts/live shows, writing, reading, working on cars, watching great movies, going on road trips and traveling, and other things like that.

My current big projects are learning programming (starting with Python), fixing up my mom’s house, and writing a book about how to become a full-time podcast producer and editor.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!